Data Analytics & Machine Learning: January 2019

Job description

This course works best for those with prior experience working with numbers, having clear affinity and experience in finding solutions for business challenges or those willing to do so.


For this reason we are looking for people that want to dive into the world of Data Science. The main focus lies on learning you several methods that will enable you to interpret data and design reliable business solutions. You will learn to manage programs such as ggplot, data mining methods, Python, RapidMinder, R, GitHub and applying Lean and Agile processes. This will equip you with unique job-ready skills by testing you with the help of realistic projects that will serve as a mirror for your professional career. Within 13 weeks of training followed by a six months traineeship we will have you ready to enter the job market. 

What you will learn:


  • Frame and organize business questions in ways that can be answered through Big Data Analyses and meet the information needs of a project.
  • Acquire, process, and analyze data sets using data mining methods to discover patterns or do data exploration. Run, apply and test machine learning tools to different kinds of data.
  • Interpret the results of data analyses and data mining to make predictions and establish the reliability of those predictions using RapidMinder, r and python(optional).
  • Communicate results to management and other non-technical audiences
  • Learn different methods of data visualization using packages like ggplot
  • Practice sound version control and deploy your code 
  • How to collaborate on teams to rapidly analyze business requirements, define solutions requirements and execute them in a competitive setting
  • Market yourself to potential employers and land a career in technology.
  • Apply lean and agile processes to plan and track your work on real-world project


For this program we are looking for people with the following required education, experience and skills:

  • Ambitious and fast learning with an HBO|WO mindset
  • Priority to have Math and Physics degrees. Followed by Computer Science and SW Engineers. Also a engineering or business background with prior work experience
  • Fluent in English (verbal and written)
  • Well-developed intercultural communication, documentation and presentation skills
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated, eager and a positive thinker 
  • Creative, flexible and open minded
  • Work independent, takes initiative and able to work on multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Fulltime available for a period of 10 months


The course will be fulltime, taught in English and is located at B. Building Business Amsterdam (Zuid Amsterdam). During this program you will connect into a diverse network,  become part of the Experis and B. Business Building Amsterdam community and learn and grow by doing! We ask our students for a €950,-(excl. VAT) tuition fee that will cover the cost of the course.


About us:

At B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA) we are all about talent. We acknowledge peoples talent by giving them the right set of tools to kickstart their career in Tech. We do this by offering different programs that will provide you with an unique set of skills in high demand on the job market. You will be taught by current professionals and become part of the largest startup community of Europe.